Retirement planning is a confusing and overwhelming process for a majority of plan participants.

At Cannon Financial Strategists, we educate and advise participants by creating personal, long-term relationships, thereby removing any barriers to realizing their retirement goals. Through one-on-one interactions and group education, we strive to become a trusted partner of your employees—instilling confidence that they have a familiar consultant, who is on their side, understand their individual needs, and is committed to helping them reach their goals.

Core Retirement Plan Concepts

Available as part of our retirement plan consulting relationship, participant education focuses on three core concepts that we feel serve as the foundation for a participant’s successful retirement plan. We teach participants:

  • How to save, including the benefits of tax-preferred savings.
  • How to invest, starting with proper asset allocation.
  • How to retire, with the help of intelligent income-replacement planning.

While simple in nature, our core concepts help your employees meet complex goals, such as:

  • Making decisions on savings rates based on projected retirement income needs/wants
  • Selecting the method of savings (pre-tax or Roth)
  • Defining investment approach based on proximity to retirement (align risk taken with expected returns and participant goals)
  • Determining retirement income needs and how best to fill them
  • Coordinating the benefits of Social Security, pension benefits, retirement assets, spousal assets, etc.

Education and Advice

In addition to direct advisement, we also incorporate a variety of educational approaches such as group presentations on:

  • Benefits of contributing to a retirement plan
  • Budgeting
  • Retirement readiness
  • Social Security
  • And more

All of our education services are completely customizable and we can adjust them as your group’s needs dictate. While education is part of the program, our participant services are design to be consultative in nature, meaning we, as a fee-based advisor with a fiduciary responsibility, provide advice as needed on multiple levels inside the employer-sponsored retirement plan.

Our core concepts help:

  • Make decisions on saving rates
  • Select account type (Roth vs pre-tax)
  • Define investment approach based on proximity to retirement
  • Determine money required to maintain a reasonable lifestyle during retirement

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