Employer Retirement Plans

Whether you need a plan review or new plan
design, our complete, balanced approach
is designed to simplify your complex responsibilities.


Plan Participant Education & Advice

Learn how to save, how to invest and how to retire from industry experts.


Individual Retirement Planning

We have the expertise to ask the right questions, develop a smart
plan and help you maintain the discipline to stay on course.


Asset Management

Our advisors provide discipline and reason in all portfolio
decisions, allowing you to avoid making undisciplined
choices that might hinder returns or jeopardize long-term goals.


You deserve a long-term partner skilled at developing carefully defined strategies that meet your unique needs.

About Cannon Financial

We satisfy a variety of roles that normally require multiple providers in order to simplify the complex burden of sponsoring a retirement plan.

Retirement Plan Consulting

As your unbiased source of financial guidance, we align the objectives of your retirement program with your employees’ various needs.

Participant Education

Available as an individual service or as part of our plan relationship, we deliver participant education and advisement by creating personal, long-term relationships.

Individual Services

Our professionals understand the complexities of asset management and believe your goals can be met by our time-tested process.